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A high-quality product is one that

provides both

exceptional initial results and an extended service life

Our philosophy at Can Am Coatings is to provide the highest performance coatings using only the best quality raw materials, ensuring that these products achieve outstanding performance and provide a service life far surpassing competitor’s offerings… Demonstrated by over 50 years’ experience in the coatings industry, Endura Manufacturing gives us that edge.  When that product excellence is combined with our dedication to customer service and the many demands of the coatings professional we are an unbeatable team!​


We exceed expectations.


Endura provides aircraft quality paint in custom colors and unlimited quantities. The color match library at Endura holds formulas for over 40,000 colors, based on standard industrial, automotive, corporate, and fleet colors. The laboratory provides custom color match services to meet a full spectrum of needs. Most colors can be matched the same day.

Commitment to the small details.
Decades of combined experience.

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