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We provide consumer information concerning: product selection, quantity estimating, proper application techniques, and safe product handling.

Endura Manufacturing Co. Ltd. produces a broad range of epoxy and urethane coatings systems to service the complex needs of North American Industry. We offer a complete product line: primers, topcoats, special topcoats, special "B" components, additives, cleaners, and prep agents.

The Aviation, Architectural, Automotive, Fleet, Marine, Original Equipment Manufacturing, and Petroleum Industries have all benefited from the research and development at Endura. We have recently expanded our focus to include Structural Steel and Industrial Fabrication Industries. 

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 Why Choose Can Am Coatings? 

A high-quality product is one that provides both exceptional initial results and an extended service life. Endura coatings are tested after the 5,10, and 15-year marks.

Industry standards for coating life expectancies are 3 to 5 years. ASTM tests on Endura products reveal a coating with superior abrasion and corrosion resistance and maintained gloss and color.

Evaluating the cost effectiveness of any coating system requires information about: coatings life expectancy, facility down time, materials cost, cost of surface preparation, and application cost.

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